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Fox-Fordyce disease is a rare skin disorder that occurs mainly in women between the ages of 13 and 35 years. However, it sometimes affects males and children. The condition is also referred to as ' apocrine duct occlusion ' and 'sweat retention disease' Fox-Fordyce disease is a chronic blockage of the sweat gland ducts with a secondary, non-bacterial inflammatory response to the secretions and cellular debris in the cysts. The inflammation is often accompanied by intense itching. In general, the disease often causes skin to darken near the affected area and raised bumps or papules to appear This is very important if the person is already suffering from or is at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Differential Diagnosis for Fordyce Spots. The below list contains a few skin conditions that Fordyce Spots could be mistaken for. It is imperative that the dermatologist should rule out the following disorders while making.

Fordyce spots are benign. They aren't caused by any disease. In many cases, they're not even noticeable. In some cases, though, they might be unsightly A Fordyce spot is a type of oily gland that has appeared in an unusual location on the body. These are known as ectopic sebaceous glands. It is not known what causes Fordyce spots, but some. Fox-Fordyce disease is a chronic skin disease most common in women aged 13-35 years. It is characterized by the development of intense itching in the underarm area, the pubic area, and around the nipple of the breast as a result of perspiration which becomes trapped in the sweat gland and surrounding areas. The cause is unknown, but heat, humidity, and stress may play a role Fox-Fordyce disease is a rare skin disorder that primarily affects women. The disorder is characterized by intense itching especially in the underarm area, the pubic area and around the nipples. In Fox-Fordyce disease abnormalities affecting the apocrine sweat glands causes inflammation, and enlargement of the glands and the characteristic. Fox-Fordyce disease is a disease of the skin alone. In 1956, Shelley and Levy proposed apocrine miliaria as the cause. [] The observed pathophysiology is a keratin plug in the hair follicle infundibulum obstructing the apocrine acrosyringium and producing an apocrine anhidrosis

Many Fox-Fordyce disease patients improve when placed on an oral contraceptive pill. Based on the observations of follicular occlusion, Shelley proposed topical tretinoin cream as therapy in 1972. [] Reports of success with topical retinoids followed, along with reports of success with topical steroids, topical calcineurin inhibitors, antibiotics, topical clindamycin, [12, 13] clindamycin in. Fox Fordyce Disease, also known as Sweat Retention Disease, is a very uncommon acne-like skin condition, when inflamed red pimple-like spots or lesions appear on the armpits, pubis, and area around the nipples Fordyce disease: ( fōr'dīs ), a condition marked by the presence of numerous small, yellowish-white bodies or granules on the inner surface and vermilion border of the lips; histologically the lesions are ectopic sebaceous glands. Synonym(s): Fordyce disease , Fordyce granule Fox-Fordyce disease is a rare, chronic skin disorder which affects the apocrine areas. This disease is due to the obstruction of the apocrine sweat duct. Extragenital regions are commonly affected than the genital region. We, herein, report a case of Fox-Fordyce in a female, with onset in the fifth decade and involving only the genital region Angiokeratoma is a condition in which small, dark spots appear on the skin. They can appear anywhere on your body. These lesions happen when tiny blood vessels called capillaries dilate, or widen.

Medical definition of Fordyce's disease: a common anomaly of the oral mucosa in which misplaced sebaceous glands form yellowish white nodules on the lips or the lining of the mouth Fox-Fordyce disease (FFD) commonly presents with follicular papules around the breast, perineal region, axillae, external genitalia, and/or periareolar region. The papules are discrete, multiple, smooth, dome- or pinhead-shaped, shiny, and firm. Papules can be flesh colored, pink, or sometimes darker.. Fox-Fordyce disease was first described in 1902 by George Henry Fox and John Addison Fordyce. 1 It is a rare inflammatory disease of the apocrine sweat glands characterized by severely pruritic follicular papules confined to apocrine gland-bearing areas such as the axillae, groins, pubic region, perineum, labia majora, areola mammae, and umbilicus. It is predominantly seen in women Fox-Fordyce Disease is an extremely rare disorder of the skin found mainly in females within the age range of 14-40, although there have been some cases of males and children being affected by this condition as well. Fox-Fordyce Disease is also known by the name of Sweat Retention Disease. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment of Fox-Fordyce Disease

The topic Fordyce Disease of Penis you are seeking is a synonym, or alternative name, or is closely related to the medical condition Prominent Sebaceous Glands of Penis. Quick Summary: Prominent Sebaceous Glands of Penis are small, raised papules, multiple in number that occurs on the shaft of the penis Fox Fordyce disease or Sebaceous Prominence is a skin condition where small white dots are found on the lips and the insides of your cheeks. The yellowish, reddish bumps can also appear on the male and female genitalia. The Fordyce granules might look weird and ugly but they're surprisingly painless and incommunicable

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Fordyce spots are normal large, superficial sebaceous (oil-producing) glands seen on the moist tissue that lines some organs and body cavities (mucosal surfaces). The spots are asymptomatic and can be found on the head of the penis, the inner foreskin, and, most commonly, at the border of the lips Fox Fordyce Disease. Fox-Fordyce disease is a condition primarily affecting apocrine glands of the vulva, perianal region, and axillae of adolescent girls and persists until menopause, when some abatement of the disease may be observed Fox- Fordyce disease is a rare skin condition which is characterized by appearance of bumps around hair follicles in the underarms, around the nipples and the pubic region. This condition is associated with inflammation of sweat glands found in these regions

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Appear as yellow-white, asymptomatic 1 - 3 mm papules in the oral cavity or lip vermillion May be hyperplastic and nodular Neoplastic transformation very rare but reported (Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol 1991;72:709, Head Neck 2016;38:E20, Case Rep Dent 2018;2018:3054931) Have been associated with Lynch and Muir-Torre syndromes (Gut 2005;54:1279, J Oral Pathol Med 2015;44:552 Fox-Fordyce disease is listed as a rare disease by the Office of Rare Diseases (ORD) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This means that Fox-Fordyce disease, or a subtype of Fox-Fordyce disease, affects less than 200,000 people in the US population. - (Source - National Institute of Health) Detailed list of causes of Fox-Fordyce disease FORDYCE SPOTS. Fordyce spots, also known as Fordyce granules, are creamy yellowish soft granules beneath the oral mucosa, usually seen along the border between the vermilion and the oral mucosa of the upper lip (Fig. 24.1) and in the buccal mucosa particularly inside the commissures, and also in the retromolar regions and lips. They are.

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This leaflet has been written to help you understand Fox-Fordyce disease. It explains what Fox-Fordyce disease is and why it occurs. This leaflet also details what treatments are available, and where you can get more information. What is Fox-Fordyce disease? Fox-Fordyce disease is a rare skin disorder affecting the apocrine sweat glands Define Fordyce's disease. Fordyce's disease synonyms, Fordyce's disease pronunciation, Fordyce's disease translation, English dictionary definition of Fordyce's disease. n Fordyce spots are a variant of sebaceous glands (the glands that normally produce sebum and are usually found within hair follicles). Sometimes Fordyce spots cause anxiety but they are completely harmless whether on the lips or on the genitals. They are not a sexually transmitted disease and they are not infectious

4- Fox Fordyce disease. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next 8. Fabry disease is an inherited disorder that results from the buildup of a particular type of fat, called globotriaosylceramide, in the body's cells. Beginning in childhood, this buildup causes signs and symptoms that affect many parts of the body. Characteristic features of Fabry disease include episodes of pain, particularly in the hands and feet (acroparesthesias); clusters of small, dark.

disease, impairment of the normal state or functioning of the body as a whole or of any of its parts. Some diseases are acute, producing severe symptoms that terminate after a short time, e.g., pneumonia; others are chronic disorders, e.g., arthritis, that last a long time; and still others return periodically and are termed recurrent, e.g., malaria Fox-Fordyce disease - A specific disease of the skin, has a gender coloring that affects the region of localization of glandular appendages of the dermis, is usually associated with dysfunction of the thyroid and sex glands. Leading symptom of dermatosis - bouts of severe itching in conjunction with melkouzelkovoy rash in the armpits, around the nipples, navel, pubic hair, genitals Fox-Fordyce disease isa chronic skin diseasemost common in women aged 13-35 years.It is characterized by the development of intense itching in the underarm area, the pubic area, and around the nipple of the breast as a result of perspiration which becomes trapped in the sweat gland and surrounding areas This disease is also known as Fordyce's disease, Fordyce's lesion, Fordyce glands, Fordyce granules, Angiokeratoma of Fordyce, Brooke-Fordyce trichoepithelioma or Fox-Fordyce disease. Fordyce spots are small, raised, pale red or white bumps which may appear on scrotum and shaft of the penis, labia of female genitalia, on the lips. What are Fordyce spots you ask? Also called as Fordyce's lesion, Fordyce's disease, Fox Fordyce disease and even sebaceous prominence among other names, Fordyce spots are tiny white or red spots that appear on the skin surface. Some people think that fordyce spots are contagious

Fox-Fordyce disease is an inflammatory disease that results from the obstruction of the sweat glands, leading to the appearance of small yellow balls in the armpit or groin area. The causes of Fox-Fordyce Disease may be emotional factors, hormonal changes, increased production or chemical changes in sweat that can lead to sweating of the sweat. Fordyce disease information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues Translations in context of Fordyce's disease in English-French from Reverso Context: Register Login Text size Help & about العربية Deutsch English Español Français עברית Italiano 日本語 Nederlands Polski Português Română Русский Türkçe 中 What are Fordyce spots? Fordyce spots are small (1-5mm), slightly elevated yellowish or white papules or spots that can appear on the glans or shaft of the penis, or the vulva of the female, the inside of the cheeks and on the vermilion border of the lips. They are also called Fordyce granules.. Fordyce spots are a variant of sebaceous glands (the glands that normally produce sebum and are. Fordyce disease, Fordyce spots is a topic covered in the Taber's Medical Dictionary.. To view the entire topic, please sign in or purchase a subscription.. Nursing Central is an award-winning, complete mobile solution for nurses and students

Fox-Fordyce Disease is a topic covered in the 5-Minute Clinical Consult.. To view the entire topic, please sign in or purchase a subscription.. 5-Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC) app and website powered by Unbound Medicine helps you diagnose and manage 900+ medical conditions What are Fordyce spots? Fordyce spots, also called Fordyce granules or Sebaceous Prominence, are small skin colored pimples or raised pale yellowish, sometimes red spots or bumps that usually found grouped in clusters on the shaft of the penis, testicles, vulva and lips.They are common in both men and women and they affect likely 70-80% of the population The differential diagnoses included Fox-Fordyce disease (FFD), lichen planopilaris, lichen nitidus, and amyloidosis lichenoides, which can present with flesh-colored papules with pruritus. She received a clinical diagnosis of FFD, given that her presentation was classic for the condition. Outcome of the case Define Fox-Fordyce disease. Fox-Fordyce disease synonyms, Fox-Fordyce disease pronunciation, Fox-Fordyce disease translation, English dictionary definition of Fox-Fordyce disease. n

A recent study indicated that that individuals with higher than normal levels of fat in their blood tend to have a higher prevalence of Fordyce spots, suggesting a connection between Fordyce spots and heart disease. Drinking more water can lower fat levels in the blood, improving your health and reducing Fordyce spots Fox-Fordyce disease is a rare skin condition, usually affecting young women, and characterised by an itchy papular eruption in the axillae, ano‐genital area or on the areolae of the nipple. This chapter is set out as follows

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  1. In case of Fordyce spots, the glands get blocked with Sebum due to the absence of hair follicles, resulting in the appearance of white bumps. This is also called Fordyce disease. These spots can occur naturally at birth but usually appear for the first time around puberty. It is found that 96% of the adolescents have Fordyce spots
  2. Fordyce spots is a medical condition in which small, pale yellow colored granules like bumps appear on lips or on skin around the mouth area. These spots were first discovered by the great dermatologist John Addison Fordyce. This medical condition is not essentially a disease but simply a state of the skin
  3. This condition is also called Fordyce's lesion or Fordyce's disease, even though it is not considered to be a real disease. In this article you will find out more about Fordyce spots on shaft and lips. We will tell you what are the most common causes of this condition and we will also tell you how to treat it properly
  4. Angiokeratoma of Fordyce is a condition that most commonly affects elderly individuals, although similar lesions can occur in pregnant females or with the use of oral contraceptive pills. Angiokeratoma of Mibelli is a condition that appears in childhood or adolescence (ages 10-15), and disproportionately affects females

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The clinical features of Fox-Fordyce disease constitute a distinct picture. The findings of a symmetric eruption of discrete, flesh-colored to pink papules oriented about the follicular openings with intervening normal skin and located in the axillae and about the external genitalia, the areolae, and the umbilicus, together with the overwhelming predominance in sexually active females and with. Fox-Fordyce disease is a chronic skin disease most common in women aged 13-35 years. It is characterized by the development of intense itching in the underarm area, the pubic area, and around the nipple of the breast as a result of perspiration which becomes trapped in the sweat gland and surrounding areas. The cause is unknown, but heat Fordyce angiokeratoma must be distinguished from angiokeratoma corporis diffusum, which is the only other angiokeratoma that can involve the genitalia. The latter is characterized by numerous tiny red papules in a symmetrical distribution over the entire body. Other conditions in the differential diagnosis are nevomelanocytic nevus and melanoma

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Fox-Fordyce disease John Yost MD, Maria Robinson MD, Shane A Meehan MD Dermatology Online Journal 18 (12): 28 The Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, New York University School of Medicine, New York, New York Abstract. Fox-Fordyce disease (FFD) is a rare inflammatory disorder that affects the apocrine sweat glands Fordyce spots are not an infectious disease that can be spread around but instead are natural occurrences on the adult skin. But, because many people find pimples unattractive, they seek help for them. Stress and sebaceous prominence. Many people also believe that stress causes the Fordyce spots/granules on the lips. Although this is a widely. Fox-Fordyce disease (FFD) is a rare pruritic dermatosis whose etiology has not been fully explored. It is mostly seen in women and presents as pruritic follicular papules at the apocrine (gland‐bearing) regions, including the axilla, groins, perineum, and areola mammae, as well as the umbilicus Fox Fordyce disease is a disorder of the skin which usually affects women. This disorder causes intense itching in the pubic area, the underarm area and the area around the nipples. In this disorder, the abnormalities which affect the apocrine sweat glands cause irritation and enlargement of the sweat glands and the itching Fox-Fordyce Disease (FFD) is a rare, chronic, pruritic, inflammatory disorder of apocrine glands. It is characterized by dome-shaped, firm, discrete, skin-colored, and monomorphic perifollicular papules. The most common sites of involvement are axillae and anogenital and periareolar regions which are rich in apocrine sweat glands. Treatment is difficult

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Fox-Fordyce disease is a chronic, itchy, papular eruption involving apocrine gland-rich areas of the body. Lesions are characterized by numerous firm, flesh-colored, follicular-based papules arranged in a grouped configuration. 1 Fox-Fordyce disease was first described in 1902 by George Henry Fox and John Addison Fordyce in 2 patients with axillary disease. 2 The pubic, perineal, areolar. Medical Eponyms. Fox-Fordyce disease (1902) [aka Apocrine miliaria] A chronic itchy papular condition occurring in areas of the skin with apocrine glands especially the axilla of young women.; Fordyce spots (Fordyce disease) - multiple yellow papules on the lips or buccal mucosa representing extopic sebaceaous glands. Lesions may also occur on the labia minora, glans penis and inner. Fox-Fordyce disease is an analogue of pearly papules, only women. Clinic it is absolutely identical to the clinic pearly penile papules. Defeat localized in apocrine sweat glands and is connected (to some extent) with the urogenital apparatus. It is assumed endocrine origin. Localization of lesions: pubic, in the armpits, in the crotch on the. Fordyce Spots are NOT: A sexually transmitted disease. A contagious or infectious disease. Painful or Itchy. Frequent Questions On Fordyce Spots: Can Fordyce Spots Become Infected? Fordyce spots can become irritated and swell up under some circumstances; this may cause damage to the surface of the skin and can allow for an infection to take hold Learn more about Fordyce's Disease from related diseases, pathways, genes and PTMs with the Novus Bioinformatics Tool

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  1. Help others answering the top 25 questions of Fox Fordyce Disease. Become golden ambassador answering these question
  2. Fox-Fordyce disease, or apocrine miliaria, is a chronic blockage of the sweat gland ducts with a secondary, non-bacterial inflammatory response to the secretions and cellular debris in the cysts. Hidradenitis is very similar, but tends to have a secondary bacterial infection so that pus-draining sinuses are formed. It is a very devastating skin disease that does not have universally curative.
  3. Fox-Fordyce disease is a rare inflammatory condition of apocrine gland-bearing regions caused by obliteration of the follicular infundibulum with keratin. The etiology is unknown, although an endocrine role has been postulated. The disease manifests as intensely pruritic skin-colored or keratotic papules in the axillae, pubic, and periareolar.
  4. Fox-Fordyce disease: | | | Fox-Fordyce disease | | | | C... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the.
  5. 1. Fox G, Fordyce J. Two cases of a rare papular disease affecting the axillary region. J Cutan Genito-Urinary Dis 1902;20:1-5. 2. Ranalletta M, Rositto A, Drut R. Fox-Fordyce disease in two prepubertal girls: histopathologic demonstration of eccrine sweat gland involvement
  6. Skin Diseases After having been bothered by these lesions for the past 9 months, a 27-year-old woman described the eruption as itchy bumps under my arms. The classic clinical resentation led Drs Charles E. Crutchfield III and Eric J. Lewis of Minneapolis to diagnose this as Fox-Fordyce disease, a stubborn pruritic papular dermatosis of.

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Other names are Fordyce's condition, sebaceous prominence, Fordyce granules and Angiokeratoma of the scrotum. Usually, they are painless and harmless but remember this, they can be annoying and embarrassing. Actually, you must be sure it is just a Fordyce granule and not an infection or sexually transmitted disease that may be very revolting. Fordyce spots are small bumps measuring from 1-3 mm in diameter that develops on the skin surface. They are also called Fordyce granules caused due to the prominence of sebaceous gland. Normally the bumps or spots are harmless but it may become a concern for cosmetic purpose. No treatment is required for clearing these spots

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A Fordyce si devono anche i termini di: malattia di Fox Fordyce, malattia di Fordyce, lesione di Fordyce e tricoepitelioma di Brooke-Fordyce. Epidemiologia. Tantissime persone sviluppano i granuli di Fordyce. Si pensi che, secondo alcune stime, l'80% della popolazione generale presenterebbe almeno un granulo di Fordyce a livello della mucosa orale Fordyce spots aren't familiar to the ears of many. So, do not be surprised if you ask someone sitting right beside you about it and they don't even have a single clue what you are referring to. Fordyce spots are a 1 to 5 millimeter spot that usually appears on the shaft of a man's penis, the vulva of females, in the interior of your. Disease, Illness & Conditions Fordyce spots are simply sebaceous glands (see the explanation below). Penile cancer and fordyce spots have a completely different appearance. The two are exceptionally unlikely to be confused. They are totally benign, harmless and doctors generally advise against treatment Fordyce Disease Lips Treatment. Uncategorized November 13, 2018 0 wajidi. Fordyce Spots Identification Treatment And More 14 Home Remes For Fordyce Spots On Lips Treatment Fordyce Spots Treatments Risk Factors And Symptoms 11 Tips To Prevent And Treat Fordyce Spots On Lips Home Reme Fordyce's spots; Audry's glands; pseudo-colloid lip mucous membrane sebacous milia; pseudocolloid of the buccal mucosa; pseudocolloid of the lips; mucosal sebaceous cysts Definition Developmental anomaly characterized by enlarged ectopic sebacous glands on the mucosa of the mouth and genital

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Medical definition of fordyce disease: a common anomaly of the oral mucosa in which misplaced sebaceous glands form yellowish white nodules on the lips or the lining of the mouth Fox-Fordyce disease is a rare skin condition characterized by the presence of multiple pruritic follicular papules in areas rich in apocrine glands, such as the axillae, mammary areolae, or genital regions. There is a high degree of variability in the histological findings seen in. Synonyms for Fordyce's disease in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Fordyce's disease. 34 synonyms for disease: illness, condition, complaint, upset, infection, disorder. Home Treatments for Fordyce Spots cures (Fordyce spots shaft treatment) may heal the spots faster. 1. Apply Coconut Oil. When it comes for Fordyce spots treatment, my first choice is the coconut oil. The coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. Using the coconut oil on the affected spot helps to moisture and reduce itching

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  1. Not to be confused with Fordyce's disease, which consists of hypertrophic sebaceous glands or mucous membranes. Bibliography. G. H. Fox, J. A. Fordyce: Two cases of a rare papular disease affecting the axillary region. Journal of Cutaneous and Genitourinary Diseases, Chicago, 1902, 20: 1-5
  2. Apocrine miliaria, Chronic itching papular eruption of axillae and pubes, Disease, Fordyce-Fox, Disease, Fox-Fordyce, Fordyce-Fox disease, Fox Fordyce disease, Fox-Fordyce Disease, Miliaria, Apocrine. images: 2 images found for this diagnose: related. PeDOIA Same page in PeDOIA
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  4. The severity of Fordyce spots on penis, shaft, lips, or any other parts of the body can differ from person to person. While someone can have one or two spots, some may have hundreds of spots. 12 Promising Home Remedies for Fordyce Spots. Fordyce spots are a very normal condition and can affect anyone
  5. However, Dr. Angelica Giron says that Fordyce spots aren't caused by poor hygiene or disease, and they are not harmful to human health. 1. Clusters of Fordyce spots on the lips and genitals can cause stress and anxiety in people because others can mistake them for a sign of a sexually transmitted disease
  6. Fox-Fordyce disease is a chronic blockage of the sweat gland ducts with a secondary, non-bacterial inflammatory response to the secretions and cellular debris in the cysts. The inflammation is accompanied by intense itching. In general, the disease causes skin to darken near the affected area and raised bumps or papules to appear

Fordyce granules are not a sexually transmitted disease. As you've seen from the sections above, they are harmless and not a medical condition. When compared to herpes they may appear to be somehow the same for some people. If you experience some pain and if they come and go then you see your doctor. These are some common symptoms of herpes Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers

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  1. Fox-Fordyce disease, or apocrine miliaria, is a chronic blockage of the sweat gland ducts with a secondary, non-bacterial inflammatory response to the. la posibilidad de encontrar cualquier condición patológica a . (Brasil), donde una de las condiciones más frecuente observada. Gránulos de fordyce. 0,33%
  2. Fox-Fordyce disease, also known as apocrine miliria, is a rare inflammatory dermatosis, characterized by multiple follicular papules, skin color or brownish, located in areas rich in apocrine glands, like arm pits, periareolar areas, and pubic area, accompaniedby itch
  3. Fordyce-Fox disease References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries. References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries applicable to the clinical term fordyce-fox disease Fordyce-Fox disease - L75.2 Apocrine miliari
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